Xiaomi smartphones are getting closer to the flagships of A-brands from year to year. But despite this, absolutely all the company’s devices have one common minus – the Chinese giant does not want to add support for protection against moisture and dust according to the IP standard. But if you believe the latest leaks, in the near future everything should change.

The first news from an insider has nothing to do with strengthening the protection of Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones – it only says that the company intends to enter the Japanese market as soon as possible, thereby strengthening its own position on the world stage. But the second leak turned out to be much more interesting. So, according to Internet insiders, the company will very soon introduce a series of unkillable smartphones Xiaomi and Redmi with different degrees of IP protection. Given that such announcements are rarely made at the end of the year, we can safely assume that high-profile announcements with protected smartphones are waiting for us in the first half of 2020.

Recall that the most common degrees of protection in modern smartphones are IP67 and IP68. And at least users expect the same degrees of support from new Xiaomi devices.