While some games delight millions of players, others have long lost their audience and Sony is preparing to close the servers of two exclusives.
The company announced the disconnection of the servers of two PlayStation 4 exclusives – Singstar and Driveclub. Fortunately, the games will not disappear, but they will lose their online functions, so that fans can continue to play alone.

Singstar will be shut down on January 31, 2020. For existing players, the show will continue and they will be able to use the downloaded tracks and download already purchased ones.

At the same time, the project will not be replenished with new songs. In addition, players will be denied access to social functions, such as publishing recorded clips, and will disable some of the achievements associated with online.

Driveclub will be disabled on March 31, 2020, and the game has already disappeared from the PlayStation Store. As with Singstar, users can continue to play or download the project from the library, but access to the multiplayer and related achievements will be closed. Go to the Home page Add a comment